It is amazing that from an early age, women start to learn about some of the finest human qualities like compassion, self awareness, sacrifice, service, devotion by observing their own mothers, grandmothers and other women in their lives…

If research is correct, then the four pillars of business which are dedication, consistency, hard work & honesty are also attributes of women…For many centuries, the role of woman was to be the nurturing institution for her children, to be the solid foundation for her spouse, and to be the soldier fighting against the the world’s sufferings. Then came the times when Women got to the space of equality in the work place, achieving their own dreams, and becoming equal financial contributors within their households. Now I believe its time for them to lead the way forward…this New Year, lets focus on Women Empowerment in Business…share with as many women as you think you would like to…

Lets take the pledge this new year to work on a business model that is going to empower 300 women of India to lead the way in their own special way.

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